Monday, August 29, 2011

Edgy Riff on a Classic Bangle

While I'm a great admirer of jewelry, I'll admit to being lazy about it. If it's not something I can just put on every day, I won't wear it. I wear the same necklaces and rings all the time. But I never wear bracelets.

Part of the bracelet hesitation is that they always seemed like a pain in the arm. You have to take them on and off. And, I'll admit to a certain snob factor: I have a thing for the Cartier Love bracelet, the one that locks on. Not only is it classic and simple, but since the thing locks on, I don't need to remove it. How lazy is that? Unfortunately, Cartier is way out of Toad's reach.

Enter Miansai, a jewelry company that makes a bracelet that looks like what you'd get if you mated a Gucci horsebit with a Cartier Love bracelet. I love it! It manages to look edgy, but in a classic way. You can totally dress it up or down. And the thing locks on, for the laziness factor I so prize in my bangles. Plus, there's the price: this bronze version is $165. There's also a gold version for much more money, although it's still a hell of a lot less than our friend Cartier.

Find this wonderful trinket at Saturdays Surf NYC, for either yourself or a classy and snotty friend.

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