Monday, August 1, 2011

Useful Beach Monkey

Awareness of the dangers of UV radiation is definitely on the rise; in L.A., I see more and more of fake bake and less and less of real tans. The problem, of course, in sun protection is knowing when the UV radiation is at its highest and most damaging. Sure, you can look in the paper, but it's unlikely you're going to do that for every beach day.

But here's a solution you can keep on your key chain: the UV Monkey! This disc (not very monkey like, if you ask me) looks a bit like a lavender tinted Simon game, but it operates like your own personal radiation detector. Just keep it visible on the beach, and the Monkey will let you know through its Easter egg colors whether you need to slather on more SPF 50.

At just $9.99, the Monkey makes a great bon voyage gift for your loved ones heading off to tropical climes. At Think Geek.

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