Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Best Faux Food Ever

One of the baby toy items that's a perennial favorite is the fake food set. You know: plastic food that looks real in a miniaturized, slightly creepy way. Kids love to play with it (which is excellent) and then love to forget to put it away so that you step on some fake wiener on your way to the bathroom (which is not excellent).

This felt food set solves the foot injury problem. Each fake food set by Tomomo Handmade is beautifully rendered. I mean, look at this totally realistic tempura set! Doesn't it make you crave Katsu Don like immediately? And this fabulous fake food felter offers many other sets, ranging from the formation of a mighty fuzzy strawberry shortcake to a high fiber BBQ feast. These are genius. The kids can throw them without injury. Plus, if you're having a cat emergency, I think one of these shrimp would make a great kitty toy in a pinch.

Prices on Tomomo Handmade range from around $25-$100 per set. Check them out at Etsy. It's fake food you could sink your teeth into, although it probably wouldn't be very pleasant (no calories, though).

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