Friday, August 5, 2011

Totally High on New High Mart

This funky leather necklace evokes
Marni's pricier offerings
It's unusual for me to sing the praises of an entire store web site, but I just have to make an exception for the L.A. store New High Mart.

This is an awesome gift site. I've cherry picked a couple of items here: a leather triangle necklace (a very in look for the fall and beyond), and a totally practical utilitarian Jansport bag that many a cool girl would love to have for travel or even just around town. Both these items are under $75, and both of them look pricier than that. But that's not all New High Mart offers. This former Chinatown pop up store has a bizarrely wonderful panoply of goodies, from $16 leather keychains to $400 mongolian sweaters. It absolutely manages to hit the best of both high and low price points. For instance, it boasts totally quirky, fun striped socks (a perfect stocking stuffer), moroccan straw tote bags, excellent watermelon soap, and affordable (under $100) scarves. You can do a lot of quality shopping here.

So go see the goods for yourself at New High Mart. You won't be sorry.

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