Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Potter

I'm totally fussy about kid room decor. I hate themes, eschew Disney, and think infantile furniture shouldn't even be for infants.

Yet, this vintage style Harry Potter poster, by artist Caroline Hadilaksano, is totally intriguing. Reminiscent of old Olympic posters, this Quidditch 2014 poster capitalizes on the (basically done) Harry Potter phenomenon to great effect; it almost looks like a real event poster. Stylized, done in sports appropriate (yet somehow wizardly) colors, this poster expresses the power of the actual books rather than the movies, a trend I wholeheartedly condone. Yes, I read all the Harry Potter books, dork that I am, and I loved them infinitely more than the movies.

There are two more Potter posters: Travel with the Hogwarts Express, and Experience Hogwarts at Night. Both are fairly fabulous. These are good quality posters, priced at $50 each, which isn't cheap, but isn't terrible for a poster with real art staying power. Find them at Gallery Nucleus.

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