Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's a Valentine's Rose That Won't Die

Another lip balm wouldn't smell as sweet.
As I've often mentioned, this is not a beauty blog. Anything I recommend hasn't been sent to me by beauty publicity babes, seeking press. Nope, I try anything out either on my own dime, or because my beauty gift buddy, Alison, gives it to me (I always give her cult beauty products, too. I recommend forging such a deal with a close friend; it has fabulous benefits).

Now, to the gift. Many women receive roses on Valentine's day. While I have no objection to flowers, they do die, and thus aren't what I would term a lasting gift. This rose balm by the super luxe cosmetic company, By Terry, however, will see you and yours through at least the next couple of dry, lip puckering months. This is fancy ass stuff, for sure. The packaging is heavy and lovely. The formulation glides on and seems to plump (it has a slightly whitish pink tinge). It has spf 15 for sun protection. And, it smells nicely of... roses!

Order this for your best friend for Valentine's Day, or a birthday, or just because. It's 60 bucks, which virtually guarantees she'll never buy it for herself. At Barney's, naturally.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous. My lips are always chapped. Not sure I can justify $60 for lip treatment, though, given the chance I'll get addicted.