Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Most Macho Taco

They look small, but pack a wallop of ole.
We've officially entered the winter blahs. The holidays are over, the weather isn't so great, and the days are still short. Plus, everyone still wants dinner. And dinner, during the winter blahs, is a real drag.

Support your giftee who's forced to make dinner with some life saving and season spicing tools. If you're any sort of foodie, you already know who Rick Bayless is: a Chicago chef with Mexican cooking chops. His food is delicious, and his cookbooks are excellent (although often a bit labor intensive. But Chef Bayless offers a cheat in his amazing simmer sauces. These totally inexpensive pouches of south of the border goodness are a meal booster in a baggie. Forget those homemade tacos with the MSG flavor packet; a pound of meat and a dose of taco simmer sauce make the base for an incredible meal. One of my personal favorites are the mole sauces for chicken, as it delivers a meal that tastes almost as good as eating at Frontera itself.

Order an assortment of these sauces (there's enchilada sauces too, for easy casseroles in a flash) for your Reluctant Dinner Chef. He or she will thank you and maybe even invite you over to share in the repast. From Frontera Kitchen.

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Christina Simon said...

Oh, I have to get these!