Monday, January 30, 2012

One Starry Valentine

She has that star quality.
This is obviously a gift for a lady, preferably your lady (although this would be a good recommendation to make to the clueless but well meaning male of your choosing). Jewelry is tough, and individual, but there are few, I believe, who wouldn't like this necklace.

After all, this silver pendant (it's available in 10K gold as well, at a far higher price) is by Me & Ro, one of the classiest casual jewelry companies around. It's sweet, yet not treacly in that annoying Valentine's Day way. And, who doesn't like stars, especially stars with lovely sparkly rubies in the middle of them? This is a wonderful every day piece for lazy jewelry owners (the Toad is known for this) who like to wear the same things day in and day out.

At $135 for the silver version, this isn't cheap. But then, love doesn't come cheap, either. At Me & Ro.

1 comment:

Christina Simon said...

This is so cool! Of course, I'd want the gold one:)