Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coffee Break Present

Oh, deer... you're alone for the first time in three months. Drink up!
Sometimes I see something I wouldn't normally like, but I'm drawn to it anyway. That's the case with this mug, so I've thrown together a gifty package for it, something to give your favorite mom or dad whose child just (thankfully) went back to school.

The silence that comes with the beginning of school is deafening, but in a really good way. After the heat and constant activity of the summer, it's kind of amazing to have a silent peaceful home. And what goes better with a silent peaceful home than getting all ramped up on a great cup of coffee? This new Marimekko mug has "peaceful" and "silent" all over it, from the calming blue hues to the innocent doe eyes of that lovely fawn. This is a mug with no irony. That's why I can't believe I like it.

Anyway, the mug is just $22, and is very good quality. Add to the mug a pound of excellent coffee (Intelligensia's blends come to mind, or order Hawaiian coffee through Coffee Gallery), and you have the ideal parental coffee break kit. Put it together for your best friend and help her welcome fall into her home. Find the mug at FinnStyle.

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