Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Work Trekker, Meet the Pivot Bag

If a William Gibson character carried a bag, the Pivot would be The One.
It's no secret that I appreciate a well made work bag. I don't get too excited about fancy corinthian leather, or snotty overpriced cult labels (Henry Cuir, bite me), but I do get excited when a bag is basically so impervious to, well, everything, that my laptop or iPad or whatever is snug as a bug in a rug.

I've featured many work bags before, but none as tough as this Pivot bag made by Defy Bags. This Chicago company puts thought, energy, and American labor to work, and the Pivot is a prime example of this devotion to detail. The basic black beauty (hey, it goes with everything) is made of practically bullet proof Cordura fabric, its strap of super tough 2 inch auto seatbelt material, and its two Austin Alpin quick release Cobra buckles are good enough for Special Forces, so I think it'll hold your paltry stuff. There's even a rubber coated water resistant zipper pocket, so that all those spilled lattes don't ruin your day. And, if you actually do make a sojourn with this bag beyond hauling your laptop to the local Starbucks to work on your screenplay, rest assured you'll be well prepared. Apparently, it's also very lightweight, so at least your shoulder won't separate from your body while carrying that MacBook.

At $262, this is, alas, a bit over the Toad price point. But I still think it's a bargain for what you get. Seriously, this bag will outlast you and your progeny, I promise. At Defy Bags.

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