Friday, September 21, 2012

Something REALLY Scary for Halloween

Watch out boys, he'll chew you up!
I grew up in a very healthy household. As a result, Halloween, with its endless candy troll for one magical night, was like a dream come true. And, the day after Halloween, my mother would try to wheedle the candy away, with promises of higher quality candy "replacement." I never went for it. A few pieces of See's were nothing compared to a pillowcase full of mini Snickers. My mom didn't raise a fool.

My daughter is 11 now, and is suddenly not interested in trick or treating anymore. I suspect it's partially because sugar is more available to her, and literally not much of a "treat." I have accepted that it's probably the last year of costumes for my girl. But if I had a dog, this hammerhead shark costume would be a winner.

Why dress up the dog? Why the hell not? The dog looks way cuter than many older children. Best yet, you get to choose what the dog wears! There's no arguing with about the appropriateness of being a "Sexy Ghost," or banning the wearing of a cleaver through the noggin. Rather, you get to dress your Dachshund up like a loaded hot dog, your Chihuahua as an iguana, and your pit bull (yeah, I know the pic is a pug, but please) like a man eating shark. It's awesome. They have to wear it. And since you have to walk them anyway, you might as well make the evening walk a Halloween event.

Find all these costumes and so much more at Baxter Boo. Now, if only my cats were as pliable...

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