Monday, September 24, 2012

Got Your Kid's Goat

He looks all innocent, but he'll gobble your pantyhose right off the line.
I spend a far amount of time every Fall looking at Halloween costumes. Mostly, they don't change too much from year to year: there seem to be myriad ways to tart up daughters and superhero sons.

But then I saw this Goat costume, and it all changed. I think this is ideal for a toddler, because it feels like jammies to them, but is just cute and ridiculous enough for you. I have a thing about goats (no, not in a creepy way). I think they're adorable, and fairly personable, and I'm a big fan of their fromage. I have this fantasy that someday I'll live in a place just rural enough to have a little goat of my own. She could eat the grass in the yard, and menace the cat, and be allowed in the living room for short periods when Mr. Crab is out (this scenario doesn't please Mr. Crab at all). Since we are very urban people, this fantasy isn't a possibility. But, dressing my little niece up as a goat for Halloween might suffice.

This head banger of a costume can be your child's for just 40 bucks from Chasing Fireflies. C'mon, admit it: the costume's not baaaad. Now I'm going to go giggle for about three hours.

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