Friday, July 24, 2009

A Beginning as Pure as Spring Water

Here we are with yet another brilliant (and cost-efficient) wedding gift! No one wants to drink dreaded tap water (apparently, not even in NYC anymore), but everyone has struggled with a decent alternative, from ghastly plastic bottles to cost-prohibitive homewide filter systems (NOT something newlyweds can usually afford).

So, help the happy couple drink from their own little fountain of purity. This refillable filter pitcher from Design Within Reach works completely naturally, using a combo of louseki stones and charcoal for odorless, mineral-laden water in a flash. It also just looks so cool, both futuristic and organic. The only drawback is that the couple will have to keep it filled. This could lead to fights. Which, happily, aren't your problem, wedding guest.

The price point for this great gift is encouragingly low, at just $85 and $25 for a rock refill (the rocks and such last about 6 months). Check it out at And then drink to their health.

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