Monday, July 27, 2009

Shine a Summer Light

Ah, those old invites to summer homes are just rolling in. And you need hostess presents, and fast. Here's one that'll shine a light on the problem, and it's environmentally virtuous to boot.

Take a gander at this solar powered outdoor shoji lantern. Unlit, it dangles on the deck looking suitably mid-century. But once that scorching summer sun sets, the lantern lights up, having absorbed the rays all day long to offer light all night long (ok, maybe not ALL night, but why would you sit out on the deck all night, getting eaten alive by bugs?). It's such a great, simple gift that any host would value for the rest of the summer season.

Plus, the lantern is just $49. That's less than the excellent bottle of wine you could bring, and it boasts much more staying power. It's available at Bring it on and shine a little light on that outdoor dining.

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