Friday, August 27, 2010

Helping Hand

With school starting up soon, Fall entering the picture, and every major holiday rapidly approaching, who wouldn't want a helping hand? While a personal assistant might be more useful than this item to overextended friends and family, that's not a practical possibility.

But this Hand is doable. Created by Harry Allen (the artist of the famous pig bank and roller skate doorstop), this Hand is molded from his very own extremity. It mounts securely on the wall, and can perform (as good hands should) a trio of tasks: as hook, as bud vase, or as candleholder. Alternatively, it can just stick out of the wall somewhere and look delightfully creepy. If you install it in a doorway, it looks like it's trying to punch people going through it (install it in guest room doorway to send subtle hint to long staying visitors).

It could also be an interesting engagement present, depending upon the couple's taste. Check it out at Shop Horne. Because everyone could use a helping hand.

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