Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rocking That Restaurant Meal

I realized recently that I write a great deal about how to distract children so that parents can engage in adult activities (and no, I don't mean naughty adult activities). I think this is a fine practice, since children get far too much attention these days, while the adults sit, shriven and deprived, trying to recollect the last time they had an uninterrupted meal with a glass of their alcohol of choice.

In this spirit, I offer yet another restaurant meal distraction: Crayon Rocks. I dig on these crayons for a number of key reasons. First off, they fit in a cute velvet pouch, easily stashed in a purse or diaper bag. Second, these are shaped, well, like rocks, which sounds silly but actually helps little kids color (in or outside the lines) while strengthening important "tripod grip" skills (and, let me tell you, that tripod grip is better practiced with a funky crayon than gripping your hair while you're eating). Finally, they're totally non-toxic, harmless, and can't break in half the way normal crayons do (thus avoiding piercing screams of frustration at table).

Did I mention the price? 16 of these pretty things, plus bag, for just $8.98! What a great and pricey looking gift for a toddler. Check them out at Magic Cabin and let the scribbling begin.

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