Monday, August 23, 2010

Recycling for Trash Talkers

I just read that, in Cleveland, people are going to be fined for not recycling enough (this involves some Big Brotheresque device installed on the curbside recycling bin). While the Toad cries foul over this type of environmental bossiness, she acknowledges the value of recycling.

One way to make recycling easier, especially for those new homeowners on your gift list, is a decent recycling bin. Yes, it's true, you can use anything as a receptacle for cans and bottles, but this thing has to exist inside the home. It has to be compact, yet assertive enough to remind all the residents of its existence. And it has to last, so that it won't break (like so many flimsy plastic bins) and get recycled itself (or, gasp, unceremoniously tossed). These bins fit all the bills. Minimalist yet authoritative, they go with virtually any decor (except maybe country, but the site which has these bins has some countryesque ones too). They aren't cheap, totaling to over $150 each, but you really only need one (most recycling goes in the same bin, anyway).

As I said, these make a fabulous and practical housewarming gift. And they're perfect for the trash talker in your life who's about to get shamed for terrible recycling habits. Find them at Trashcans Unlimited.

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