Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doing Your Photos Justice

Everyone these days takes a ton of digital photos, most of which reside on a hard drive, never to be seen by anyone, ever again. But what about a particularly fabulous shot, one that's really art worthy?

I've been eyeing this online service for almost a year, just waiting for the chance to use it before recommending it. Called, inexplicably, Bumblejax, this site lets you upload a digital shot and back it in a completely professional manner. The result? Your very own art! And it looks like art, too. The quality is super high, both in printing and mounting (for instance, online art purveyor Lumas uses the very same methods). Choose from professional mounting materials like acrylic, aluminum, gator foam, or even bamboo (all of these vary in price; all produce a pretty different effect; all is explained on the site). Plus, you can pick your size.

Take, for instance, the shot pictured above. This is one of our shots (thank you, John), snapped in Savannah, Georgia, sent to Bumblejax, mounted on aluminum. It looks amazing, yes? And the process elevates a lovely, artsy shot into the realm of "who's the photographer, and at which gallery did you find it?"

There is, of course, a price to be paid for every size change and mounting material. But think of the results! It's such a great gift idea for the family photographer who never does anything with the shots snapped. Go to Bumblejax today and give a wonderful surprise.

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