Friday, September 24, 2010

The Spiciest Grind

As weather shifts and turning on the stove becomes appealing once more, thoughts turn to cooking. Cooking spicy, sumptuous curries, stews, and other easy things that make the house smell delicious. What would the aspiring ethnically inclined cook need to complete the meal?

How about a spice grinder? Yes, it seems so simple, but spice grinders, to this cook's mind, are a pain in the butt. The automated ones are nothing more than glorified coffee grinders, and cleaning them of spicy residue can be a challenge. The mortar and pestle alternative, while satisfying in a get back to basics, Alice Waters sort of way, is imperfect and time consuming. This cast iron twisty spice grinder, though, might be just right. Simply place the (toasted) spices in the container, cork it shut, and twist for a while. Voila: ground spices with the added benefit of extra iron from the device itself (try getting a nutritional benefit from a plug in model, why don't you). And clean up? Pretty easy, since cast iron only requires water blasting (no soap, please). Genius!

This little guy is $65 from Canoe. It'll serve the curries well, I promise.

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