Friday, September 3, 2010

Shower Art

Ah, yes. That first college apartment is so cool. Until you get to the bathroom.

Besides the general lack of hygiene and housekeeping skills, college aged bathrooms tend to share a common trait: a nasty, stinky, moldy shower curtain. This foul shroud keeps the water in, along with every other disgusting substance that grows in the tub. Plus, it off gases those toxic fumes constantly. So this product is a lifesaver for you, the parent who must visit the college aged apartment. This curtain contains no vinyl, thus disposing of the off gassing issue. It's very sturdy and mold resistant. And, it comes with pens for personalizing the thing. Just think: no more silly fish, begone stuffy stripes, so long stultifying beige vinyl. Now that creative type you raised can decorate it themselves, turning their bathroom into a true reflection of who they are (although I'm not sure that's going to make them clean it any more often).

Find the DIY shower curtain at the Whitney Museum store (it's so cultured). And let the shower art begin.

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