Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Call It Macaroni!

There always reaches a point during the weekend when the kids start whining. You think, "What can I do with them?" And then you curse your sheer laziness of not looking through the paper, or searching online, for stuff to do with kids in Los Angeles.

Well, it's not your fault. You're busy. So you know what you do next time you're stuck with screaming, dissatisfied progeny (besides screaming back)? Look up Macaroni Kids Pasadena. This brilliant site has done the legwork for you. Publisher Lauren Albrecht finds the best events and activities in the east L.A. area (an area which, by the way, has the richest cultural events in the Basin, at least in this humble Toad's opinion), writes them up, and sends them out for you to peruse. You can set up your own list of events on the site, read through the well-written, well-researched write ups, or just click on the calendar (or This Week's Picks) for immediate info, fast. And holidays are given special attention: you'll find a guide to Halloween pumpkin patches and festivals, just an easy click away. Lauren even writes about projects you can do with your kids at home. Plus, the site delivers the latest museum free events. It's such an excellent resource.

So, there's a lot to love about Macaroni Kids Pasadena. Check it out here. And then plan a whine-free weekend (or vacation for visiting little people), absolutely effortlessly.

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