Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nature Can Be Scary Too

So you knew I'd have to get around to Halloween. Every parent I know is fairly resistant to Halloween decor, yet they all give in because the kids just love it. And no kid wants some anemic white ghosty flitting about in the front yard; they want out and out disgusting decorations.

Many of the terrifying props incorporate elements of violence: chainsaws, hacked limbs, death and dismemberment. I'm not a fan. To my mind, nature offers up some pretty elemental scares all on its own. A good example? Look at this truly revolting spider larvae ball. It hangs from your tree or front porch, festooned with spiders and presumably bursting with more. Yuck. Gross. There's no violence here, but it will cause the coveted aversion reaction kids crave.

Did I mention it's on sale? Down from $39.99 to $29.99, for guaranteed grossness year after Halloween year. Find these bundles of horror at Grandin Road.

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