Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Good Luck, Give Them the Bird!

In these times of uncertainty and hubris, who wouldn't want a little more good luck? Sure, you could give your giftee those chocolate covered fortune cookies, but they're mostly air and empty calories. You need another good luck option.

Take this Fortune Chicken, for instance. He's winsome and fanciful in a modernist, all white sort of way. He isn't edible. And he's meant to hang around for a while. In fact, this Fortune Chicken's directions read: "Smash this chicken in times of confusion or great despair," giving the giftee the latitude to choose the moment for good luck to emerge. The beauty of this is that that moment will be different for everyone. For one person, it might be if Republicans take over Congress, for another it could be a botched botox job. You just never know when confusion and great despair might strike, and you can count on this chicken before it's smashed.

Find this Netherlands born bird (just $16) at Gretel Home. Hammer sold separately.

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