Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pantone, The Toad Loves You

Around when I started this blog, I posted about the Pantone mugs (I believe I was one of the first to do so, although of course I cannot prove this, so you'll have to take my amphibious word of honor on it). Next thing I knew, the mugs were everywhere, the darlings of product media (and no wonder, since the media is surrounded by graphic design and anything Pantone makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside).

Pantone has, of course, extended its product line since, to include things like wallets, but they never really took off. These fabulously Pantone hued tin boxes, however, are a real winner. Can't you just see a stack of these on a desk, holding various supplies? How about using them as fabulous gift boxes for homemade cookies or candy (hell, just buy the candy and stuff it in the box, who cares?). They're soooo pretty. And if you know anyone with a graphics or publishing background, they're a surefire hit.

At $28 a pop, they're not super cheap, but as I said above you can put just about anything in one and it makes a jiffy quick gift. It took me forever to get gifted my own set of Pantone mugs (thanks, Jane), but I think this time I'm gonna gift myself a stack of nifty boxes. So there. At A+R.

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