Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Idea

Sometimes, there's a fashion item that's just so bad, I have to comment. Last time, it was the "harem pants" jeans, a slouchy crotched pant that was guaranteed to be unflattering on everyone. They were the great fashion leveler, and the only reason I could think of to purchase them was if you needed a little extra room for jumbo-sized Depends.

But these pants make me shudder. Produced by Marc Jacobs (a designer I think is fairly overexposed), these "Relaxed Cropped Jeans" manage to combine some of the worst fashion of the last forty years. I mean, jeez, check them out! It's as if a pair of super high waisted pleated khakis worn by a fifty-something midwestern man mated with the most heinous LL Bean mom jeans, to produce the most heinous pair of pants in history. Think about it: these jeans are modeled on a fourteen year old girl who only ingests romaine lettuce and Ex-Lax, yet they still manage to make her look like a walking dump. Just think what they'd look like on you.

Obviously, this is not a recommendation, so there is no link. There is no reason to purchase these, unless you know a cross-dressing fifty-something midwestern man who might appreciate them.

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Christina Simon said...

I am laughing out loud! These jeans are awful! What was he thinking?