Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Moneypenny

For those guys old enough to remember the real James Bond films (Sean Connery was the ultimate), Miss Moneypenny the sexy flirty secretary will strike a note of yearning nostalgia. And you can keep that nostalgia alive with this witty little gift.

Normally, I'm very careful about giving guys housewares items, basically because they rarely get a kick out of them unless they're extremely domestic or a home design freak. This Miss Moneypenny bowl, however, is a great exception to that rule. This sculptural trough sits on a dresser and holds change or keys from the day, corralling it in one handy place. And the shape makes it easy to empty back into a wallet or pocket. Plus, it says "Miss Moneypenny" on the inside. Really, the sleek polished aluminum looks like a Bond secret weapon, anyway.

The jewelry oriented man could even store his gold in there, creating a "Goldfinger" atop "Miss Moneypenny" dresser statement. Oh, the fun he'll have. At Momastore for just $38.

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