Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shine A Little Golden Light

Part of being a great gift giver is giving people things they just won't buy for themselves. There are so many items out there that look wonderful, but seem an indulgence. And that's where the wily gift giver can really make a splash.

This Etch candleholder is a terrific example. It's lovely and just the right size for a single candle. And while its frothy surface of etched pattern could be frumpy, its geodesic shape gives it a modernist flair. This piece would look perfect gracing a formal or casual table, and the warm brass benefits both modernist and more classical tastes. Plus, all those little holes let the candlelight play in a beautiful way, casting light and shadow throughout the meal. While these candleholders would look great in groups (and indeed are designed to link together), a single one would work wonders when combined with other items in a playful dining montage. It would even look nice on a bedside table.

At $55, the Etch isn't a super bargain, but it's a quality piece (and not something most people would buy for themselves). Find it at Design Within Reach. And shine a little light for someone you love, or at least like.

1 comment:

Peony Forest said...

I completely agree with how big of an effect the lighting can have - it will always remind the recipient of you.