Monday, November 22, 2010

For The Eye Roller

You know exactly who I'm talking about. The eye roller on your holiday list.

Buying a gift for an eye rolling adolescent is virtually impossible to do well (unless you just give cash, which will at least evoke an appreciative grunt or two). They're usually so uncommunicative, so contemptuous, so utterly lost in ennui that it's hard to find something that holds appeal. I say forget it, and go for a gift that gives it all right back. This Eye Clock tells the time literally by rolling its eyes. The left eye is the hour, the right eye positions the minutes. Sometimes they'll roll up, sometimes down, and sometimes they'll even cross (5:35, anyone?). While the teen might stare uncomprehendingly, the adults will enjoy the irony fully. Who said the holidays were just for kids?

This clock doesn't have an alarm. For that, I'm afraid, you'll have to purchase the rolling alarm clock or the helicopter alarm clock. At Uncommon Goods for just $35.

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