Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bug Out on Creativity

As we rocket through our busy lives, sometimes it seems like anything approaching individual creativity and focus goes right out the window. I mean, I don't know about you, but it's hard to be creative when I'm stuck in my car on the 101.

Well, The Toad says you should make some time, both for yourself and the hard working, constantly carpooling women you know. Take this Basic Bug Craft Kit by new creativity company Doodlebugheart, for instance. This one box is stuffed full of craft and art supplies for adults looking for some creative respite from the insanity. Those of you with kids might think you already have craft supplies, but you'd be wrong, because who wants to touch your kid's broken germ covered colored pencils and ravaged paints? Not you! These are pristine and all for you, including scissors, glue sticks, ink pads, stamps, and Doodlebugheart's handy ideas booklet to jump start you on a project. Order a couple of these babies, invite some friends over, open a bottle of wine and have some fun.

I know for a fact that this sort of thing works, mostly because I attended an art evening organized by Emily Cline, the actual co-owner of Doodlebug. It was a blast. Each kit is $34, and Doodlebug offers workshops and other products as well. Check out the Basic Bug Craft Kit at Doodlebugheart today.

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Christina Simon said...

I ordered these and they're great. My kids had fun creating stuff...