Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Effortless Spring for Fashionistas

It's no secret that The Toad has a minimalist, modernist bent in design, and that goes for fashion, too. I have tried to follow trends, but minimalism in clothing and person fits me better. And, if you're a fan of this blog, you're probably on the same page.

So let me just revel in how much I love Helmut Lang. He is a truly wonderful clothing designer. Because all his offerings are no frills and modernist, he has to depend upon cut rather than artifice. The results are surprisingly forgiving, even for those of us over 40. I mean, sure, his jeans are sort of tiny and silly, requiring a pre-pubescent size 26 body to pull off, but never mind those. I'm talking about tanks like the one at right (in a very blonde palette), which skim and flatter the body without clinging to nasty bits. Or, his beautiful knits, which seem to wear like iron and look great draped over just about anything. He's also showing long skirts this Spring, with deep slits, which I love but can't wear (I live in a neighborhood that's very Orthodox, so it's not really the hip fashion statement I'd like it to be).

The prices? Ok, some are over The Toad's limit. But for the fashionista on your gift list, the extra expense might be worth the overwhelming response you'll receive. Check out some of the new items at Shopbop.

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