Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute Tape, Cute Everything

Normally, I simply feature one product per post, but I'm breaking that informal rule today and recommending an entire site.

The site's called Cute Tape, which only partially explains what it is. Yes, indeed, there is a plethora of cute tape on the Cute Tape site, but it also offers crafty and wonderful hang tags, reinforcement donut stickers, rubber stamps and other idiosyncratic stationery items. While these items are generally used to wrap gifts (and yes, you very well may want to purchase them for your own gift wrapping enjoyment), these things are perfect gifts on their own for someone who appreciates such things. Many of us have a secret fetish for elegant or quirky paper goods, and spend much time browsing in art and paper stores.  I myself am partial to a brand of pencil called Ito-ya, which is almost impossible to find. I hold my white Ito-ya pencils with the black erasers unsharpened in their own pencil holder on my desk. They are elegant and perfect and I am loathe to ruin them by actually using them. Someday I will find a decent online source for them and I will feature them... but I digress.

Anyway, the huge set of Japanese washi tape pictured here is really only the beginning for this site. Go to Cute Tape, look around, and buy that paper freak in your life something really exciting.


Unknown said...

OMG! I love that site!!!! Seriously, you have just created a very large problem in my house because I am about to buy about 25 different things! Beautiful.....
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your taste in great stuff (and stuff that sucks) ROCKS! If I met you, I think I'd really like you. Enjoying your writing on Beyond The Brochure. I look forward to my email subscription from that blog because I know it will always be funny or I'll learn something new about private schools in this crazy city.