Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Treats for the Expecting

I'm sure you're thinking I've lost my mind, suggesting candy as a gift for a pregnant woman. But hear me out on this one, because there's some anecdotal logic behind the concept.

When I was pregnant, I had an insane craving for caramel corn. An expectant friend ate homemade, caramel tinged, brown sugar ice cream throughout her pregnancy. And, just recently, the chef Alex Guernaschelli (who I love because she seems to thoroughly enjoy food to its fullest) admitted to eating caramel apples constantly while she was expecting as well. What do all these foods have in common? Caramel! I think perhaps it's the secret to contented carrying. So when I saw these Suss Sweets caramel rolls (1/4 pound each of Vanilla Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel and Pecan Caramel), I knew it was the ideal treat for the expecting. You just slice off as much buttery goodness as you desire, and then rewrap the parchment paper. There's no tell tale individual wrappers lying around as evidence, littering the floor around the couch. Plus, pregnancy means a certain level of indulgence (you're going to gain at least 20 pounds anyway, so you might as well enjoy it every once in a while).

Find these rapturous rolls at Dean and Deluca. They're an unexpected treat.

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