Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bibliophilic Minimalism

In these days of Nooks, Kindles, and iPads, it would seem that the real book has gone the way of the dinosaur. But, as a voracious reader, I say "not so." Electronic books are like popcorn, while real books are like caviar.

So, for the bibliophile in your life, give them not just books, but useful accessories for organizing those books. The Toad is a huge fan of bookends for this purpose; bookcases can look as lovely and artistic as anything else. These Umbra "Lena" bookends really fit the bill. Spare, white, and both literal and minimalist, the bookends do the job in style. They'd look fabulous in all types of decor, although I'd avoid gifting these to a wood paneled library traditionalist.

The most awesome way to gift these bookends would be to include some really great books from an independent bookstore. Check out the "Lena" (at about $80) at Velocity Art and Design.

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Taya P said...

I really enjoyed your blog posts, thank you.