Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Non-Smelly Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Normally, I don't peddle table setting concepts, just gift ideas and products. But I got inspired by these candles.

The problem with many candles, these days, is that they're smelly. Smelly might be fine when you're trying to extinguish dog stench from the den, or add a little ambiance to the bedroom (although I'd urge caution there; one person's glorious patchouli scent is another's nauseating skunk reek). But, smelly isn't fine at table. Pretty much ever. It interferes with the food.

That's why these old fashioned mason and antique jar candles from Pollen Arts are so ideal for Thanksgiving. They're the perfect glowing Fall color, they stand on their own in a charming way, and, best of all, they're beeswax and don't stink. So all you'll see is lovely candlelight reflecting off your best china and silver, and all you'll smell is the food. Perfect!

While Anthropologie sells these, you're far better off going to Pollen Arts on Etsy. For $95, you get an enormous amount of candle power (16 candles!), plus a pine cone.

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