Thursday, November 10, 2011

For The Powerful Man On the Go

I just read a really funny post about Gadget Gift Guides for Men. A man basically said that many of the gifts in this one guide were either of shoddy quality, or useless, or the right idea, but the wrong model. Indeed, the term "gadget" seems to imply something of lesser value, more entertaining than useful.

So, I'm not calling this Man Gift a "gadget," I'm just going to call it a bag that does useful things. This Power Bag contains a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 4 recharges of a smartphone. Thus, this bag can not only carry the assorted computer related gear in a somewhat fashionable way, it also charges them in case of an emergency. Yes, I understand that we're supposed to charge these devices, but there's nothing wrong with a little redundancy, is there? Especially when on a plane, or stranded without a charger.

While I'm a fan of the messenger bag model, there's also a backpack and a smaller model for iPads, etc. And yes, this gift could also be for a woman. Although frankly, since I think men are harder to shop for and there's no shortage of great women's gifts, using this as a Man Gift is the way to go. Check the specs at My Powerbag.

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