Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Blu Friends

Often a gift is something a person might desire, but would never purchase for themselves. And sometimes that sort of gift is a useless yet charming keepsake to keep on display.

These Bitossi Rimini Blu miniatures fall into that category. These are limited edition miniature replicas of larger versions ceramicist Aldo Londi created during the 1950's-mid 60's. Created in a very special shade of deep blue, these fanciful little friends would look smashing on a mantel, or a side table, or even a nightstand. They'll get along just fine with other useless yet interesting items. Plus, they're winsome and modernist, and there's only going to be 1000 each of them produced, so eventually they'll be a limited commodity. It's always nice to give a giftee something which stands a chance of appreciation, you know?

These are available only through Design Within Reach, and they run a very reasonable $55-65 per animal. I'm quite partial to both the cat and the porcupine; both prickly and standoffish for me!

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