Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Showers

You know what April skin is? Buffeted by wind, parched by indoor heating systems, April skin is a mess. It must be stopped. And this showerhead is a great start.

I have many friends who recycle, eat organic and drink filtered water. What these well-intentioned folks forget is that their whole body drinks in water, every day in the shower. And if your water is anything like LA tap, it's brimming with chlorine, heavy metals and a host of nasties, which ravage skin upon contact. But there's hope! The Sunflower filtered showerhead not only filters out anything objectionable, it also drenches the shower-taker in a delightful springlike rainshower. Ahhh. Showers are fun again.

Just some of the perks: skin will soften and stop that dry itch, and hair will shine. Order online at It'll just confirm that those May flowers are right around the corner.

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