Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bank Mom Can Get Behind

No, I'm not suggesting you open your Mom a bank account for Mother's Day. Banks are, well, personal, and every woman must choose the one that holds her deposits best. No kid can do that for her.

But this is a bank for Mom's toilet. This funny green device is filled with water and stuffed into the toilet tank, displacing the actual water her toilet uses with every flush. Basically, it's just like the bricks people threw into their toilet tanks in the 1970s, but improved. It saves Mom a bundle in water charges. It's the bank that could save the world (not really, but a little hyperbole now and then is such a relief). 

So get Mom into the green revolution now. It's only around seven bucks, so you'll have cash left over for the flowers and brunch. Order the toilet bank at It'll always be behind Mom, backing her up.

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