Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pesky Labbit

It's not Easter anymore, but it's still spring, meaning I can still indulge in bunny talk. Especially when the bunny in question is a little bent.

Take this lovely vinyl Labbit, for instance. Created by illustrator and designer Frank Kozik, the Labbit looks so innocently pink and white. And yet... it's just slightly creepy. He's chewing gum and blowing a perfect bubble. Sort of like the quintessential white bunny rabbit, if genetically altered in some mad scientist's lab in the wilds of Moldovia. This Labbit has a petite frame (just 5") and can live just about anywhere with absolutely no care whatsoever. But, he still looks like he could cause trouble (or stick his gum under the desk). Pesky little office friend for your favorite office friend, perhaps?

Order the hopper at The Labbit's a harbinger of sunny spring days to come, or maybe something more sinister (but also more interesting).

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