Thursday, April 9, 2009

Notes on a Tote

Much has already been written (most of it glowing) about the LL Bean boat tote. After all, the thing is roomy, classic, monogrammable and indestructible. 

Well, I have a beef with the original. It might be able to weather both a forest fire and a pack of filthy toddlers without a tear, but it sure is stiff. All that good, patrician cotton and starch makes for a bag that's heavy and awkward before you ever pack any stuff into it. Once packed, the thing's just a deadweight. That's why I'm recommending the LL Bean "Adventure" tote. Same basic design (nothing wrong with that), but in lightweight, wipe clean nylon. It's the ideal "baby" present for a new mom, especially stuffed with an assortment of wipes and diapers.

Order this intrepid "Adventure" tote (in fabulous colorways) at It's the ultimate carry all.

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