Monday, April 27, 2009

Drink Me

Normally, I'm not in favor of purchasing disposable goods for parties. Partially because it's wasteful, and partially because, unless it's some little kid's party, it always looks cheesy. But these disposable cups actually add something to the party, especially if you're hosting one honoring Mom this Mother's Day.

Sure, these bright red cups are festive. But it's the stalwart, upright, oh-so-sensible British WWII advice printed on them which makes them so ideal for Mother's Day: Keep Calm and Carry On. Since when have truer words ever been uttered? This royal saying is a mantra for you while you're organizing the brunch, cooking while your kids run screaming through the house, and especially once your Mom arrives at the event and lets loose a little criticism.  Keep Calm and Carry On, you can tell yourself, and then drink it (preferably a Mimosa) right up.

There are many Keep Calm items at But this is the only one you can raise your glass to.

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