Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stripped for the Sun

Perhaps you and yours are already preparing to strip for the sun, imagining supple salt-kissed skin and bikini clad bodies, along with your toddler's bottoms, filled to the brim with sand.

It's a great picture, and one that need not be tainted by sunscreen failure and roasted faces. Just try these new sunscreen strips. No, they don't provide any sunscreen protection. What they do instead is let you know when your actual sunscreen is petering out, leaving skin vulnerable to the worst rays. Consider these strips (worn like a bracelet) an early sunburn warning system. Once the strip changes color, it's either time to reapply or head for the shade.

This is a great going away present for anyone headed to tropical climes. It'll be much appreciated. Find the strips at And then, strip down in the sun safely.

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