Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom Bomb

Mother's Day is still a bit away, but I'm offering up a suggestion anyway. While flowers are a traditional gift (along with an overcrowded and bacteria-laden brunch), perhaps this year you should consider the vessel of the flowers as the main course.

Take this Bomb Vase, for instance. Resting at a jaunty angle on the table, once it's stuffed with flowers it epitomizes the "love, not war" philosophy espoused by most mothers. Its smooth white surface breathes serenity, but its insertion angle can also be a statement about the piece of furniture it's resting upon. Admittedly a wickedly edgy piece, but some mothers are willing to go to the dark side a bit, even on Mother's Day.

I recommend merely stuffing some daisies in the top (an homage to LBJ, perhaps). The Bomb Vase is about fifty bucks, less than a big flower arrangement, so really it's a bargain. Check it out at

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