Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Dainty Solution for Dainties

There is a lurking horror in everyone's dresser. It's overflowing and out of control. Call it the dainty drawer gone raunchy. And now that it's spring, such unruliness demands a quick fix.

Try taming that lingerie gone wild with these lingerie drawer organizers. Since like attracts like, silk lingerie gets coddled in style with silk compartments (no snags ever again). Organize undies by color, type or fabric. Build a fabulous labyrinth dedicated to the lingerie goddess. And, rest assured, with a tasteful brown and robin's egg blue color scheme (so spring like), drawers will look neater than you ever thought possible (and in a jiffy, too).

You may know some lingerie hound with a messy drawer problem. Or you may just want to reserve these organizers as a spring cleaning gift for yourself. I won't tell. Find them at www.thecontainerstore.com.

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