Monday, April 13, 2009

Someone Else's Silver

It's wedding season. Or, to be more accurate, it's RSVPing and buying wedding gifts season. Many couples still register (convenient for you, although painful to view other's bad table taste), but for those who forego this tradition, here's a splendid gift choice: used silverware.

By "used silverware," I don't mean cafeteria leftovers. I'm talking real antique silver-plated utensils, dating back into the 1920s (when people really knew how to set a table). This "silverware by the pound" concept can garner a 20-piece set of lovely real silverware for until a hundred bucks (in wedding gift terms, that's dirt cheap). And while the silver won't all match, that's kind of the point. Matching tableware is just so, I don't know, last century. Any bride who doesn't register won't mind this lack of coordination anyway.

You can only find this silver at Order for your next wedding and heave a sigh: you've stuck a fork in it, and you're done.

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