Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Fine and (Almost) Self-Cleaning Spring Table

Ah, spring. Brunches, showers, Easter breakfasts, Passover Seders, there's literally dozens of reasons to set the table with Grandma's china and have a sit down (and I'm sure you're invited to many). But cleaning up Grandma's fine linens covered with schmutz from all the revelry is no fun at all, not to mention paying that heinous dry cleaning bill.

Bring your next happy hostess some Chilewich placemats. All of the Chilewich designs are made out of innovative plastic (that looks interesting and modernist, not tacky), that literally wipes clean. The lacy, linen like models pictured here could be appropriate for all but the frilliest table. And they're virtually indestructible, so the hostess can use them time and time again. They even make feeding a trough of starving kids a quick clean up job.

So don't dread the event aftermath. Chose from a selection at

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