Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bit of Better Butter for the Bride

Yes, it's another wedding oriented gift. Just face facts: the wedding season is here, and you'd might as well motivate and buy the lucky couple something cool (since the wedding costs will probably break them, and they'll never be able to afford anything ever again).

Speaking of cool, take a look at this butter dish by porcelain artist Esther Derkx. Sure, it looks traditional, but then there's the naked butter girl dancing across the top, celebrating the inclusion of yummy cholesterol-laden dairy fat in your diet. Derkx takes old china from mismatched sets and repurposes it as something edgy and cool. So this gift isn't just dinner party appropriate, it's green, too. How current for the modern bride and her modern table.

Find this better butter dish at www.reformschoolrules.com. It's a wicked take on Grandma's china pattern.

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