Friday, May 1, 2009

It's What She Wants

Money money money. In one form or another, it's practically all people talk about these days. And I'm sure you have a friend who's extremely preoccupied with her lack of filthy lucre.

That's why you should order her this tote bag, immediately. This extremely arty bag sweetly, colorfully, and succinctly delivers her main message, up front. That way, you don't have to discuss the subject anymore (since it's already been established) and you can get on with talking about more important things (what those are is up to the two of you. Like I know anything about your relationship?). Plus, tote bags are so "in" now, for carrying veggies from the local farmer's market to carrying your overpriced groceries from the regular market (after one shopping session at Whole Foods, this tote's message is really in its element).

Pick up this financially savvy tote bag at Because it's not just what she wants, it's what she needs.

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