Monday, May 4, 2009

Enchanted April in May

This isn't a movie review blog, so normally I wouldn't mention a movie as a gift. But this movie is so perfect as a Mother's Day gift. Plus, it's just been released on DVD. 

The movie is Enchanted April. This lovely, mannered British production is actually a romantic, slightly feminist fairytale (an almost impossible combo). Plot synopsis: a group of romantically dissatisfied Englishwomen, some married, some not, rent a fabulous castle in Italy for an early spring vacation. The dissatisfying men eventually invade their stonewalled solitude, but it all works out in a most delightful way. The dialogue is never contrived, the characters are sharply drawn, and Brit beauty Polly Walker plays the most gorgeous flapper suffering from ennui. It's just a wonderful watch.

Order Enchanted April on DVD at Even though it's May, it's never too late to celebrate love.

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