Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Show That Note Who's Boss

Ah, the fridge note leaver. Everyone has a friend or relative whose fridge is covered with notes, articles, and shopping reminders. So give them this gift and let them attach their paper in style.

Ninja style, that is. These ninja shuriken magnets are dead ringers for the real deadly weapon. They are ready to hurl at the fridge door (or magnetized surface of choice) at will. Old Grasshopper will not have to instruct them for years in throwing technique (a big plus). Save them for truly urgent and serious messages, ones that require a bit of a statement. With one of these lethal looking babies sticking out, it's a virtual guarantee that the "pierced" document will be perused.

Find these magnets, two to a pack, at They help dominate the domestic domain.

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